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Youth Baseball - Double A Rules


  • There total number of players on a roster must be at least 9 and a maximum of 14.

  • Rosters should be completed prior to game time and a copy should be made for the opposing team head coach and score table.



  • Each player will need a bat, helmet and glove.

  • Bat requirements and restrictions

    • Any sized bat that meets standard specifications can be used.  For the safety of all players, coaches from both sides should ensure proper bats are used. 

  • Helmet requirements and restrictions.

    • Helmets must be approved for play in baseball – bicycle helmets or other helmets may not be used.


General Game Play

  • Outs will be made in this division and if a runner is tagged or there is a force out, that runner must return to the dugout.

  • When 3 outs are made the half inning will be over.

  • There is a maximum of 9 players allowed in the field at any given time.  This includes 4 infielders, 1 pitcher and 3 outfielders and a catcher. 

  • No coaches are allowed in the field of play other than base coaches for the hitting team.

  • For both fielding and batting, coaches may stand outside the dugout to give players instruction as long as the coaches stay against the fence/dugout as much as possible and do not interfere with live plays.  Coaches must stay within the boundaries of the dugout and may not “roam” to different parts of the field.




  • Batting orders will be set prior to game play and will be established by each head coach. 

  • Coaches should provide batting lineups to the game official and opposing head coach prior to the start of the game.

  • Players will have a normal 3 strike, 4 ball at bat to put the ball in play.

  • A player may have unlimited foul balls.

  • Bunting is allowed.

  • Players should not throw bats after a hit is made.  After 1 warning to the team, any player found throwing a bat will be called out.

  • All players on the roster, regardless of whether they played the field, will be included in the batting lineup.



Base Running

  • After hitting the ball, the player should put the bat down, not throw it, and run to first base. 

  • Base runners may advance as many bases as they can during a live play. 

  • Base runners will remain on the base and may not lead off, however, base runners have the option to steal any base but they may not leave the bag until the pitcher begins his pitching motion.



  • There is a maximum of 9 players allowed in the field at any given time.  This includes 4 infielders, 1 pitcher and 3 outfielders and a catcher. 

  • Players should not sit out for more than 1 full inning during the course of the game.

  • Defense shifts are allowed.



  • Pitchers must be at least 9 years of age.

  • Pitchers will have a maximum of 75 pitches in any given day.

  • Pitchers must have the following days rest based on a given pitch count in a game:

    • Under 20 pitches

      • No rest

    • 20-35 pitches

      • 1 days rest

      • If they pitch on a Tuesday, they may pitch again on Wednesday.

    • 36-50 pitches​

      • 2 days rest​

      • If they pitch on a Tuesday, they may not pitch again until Thursday.

    • 50+ pitches​

      • 3 days rest​

      • If they pitch on Tuesday, they may not pitch again until Friday.


Game Length

  • Each game will consist of 7 innings or with a time limit of 75 minutes, whichever comes first.  Any inning that is being played must be finished, regardless of whether or not time has expired, as long as the home team is not leading. 

  • If the home team is leading at the bottom of the 7th inning or in the last inning as time has allowed, the game will be over.

  • New innings may not be started after time has expired.

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