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Pay Per Play Program

Youth Baseball - Youth Softball - Adult Baseball - Adult Softball

How Does

It Work?

If you already have a team, travel or not, you can reach out to us and let us know that you would like to be a part of the Pay Per Game Program and we will add your team immediately.

You will provide your age group, general level of play, availability and how many games you are interested in playing and then we will pair you with matching teams and facilitate all aspects for play.

What Is


We will coordinate with the other team, book the field, prepare the field, provide umpires and you will also have access to our mobile application where you will get schedule updates and communicate directly with your team.  Check out our mobile app features here.


Team Sports 24/7 provides everything for the game, you just need to show up and play.  

What Is

The Cost?

There are no registration fees or other large amounts to be paid upfront.  You only pay for the games that you play.  In most cases, Each game will cost between $100 and $150 per team depending on age range and length of game.  That cost includes field use, field preparation and officials.  You only pay after the game is played so there is no risk to be a part of this program.

Team Sports 24/7 doesn't have any of its own baseball or softball teams or offer any travel ball programs, but we do partner with local and travel teams to help coordinate game play and make it easier for teams and clubs to get games scheduled.  

Register for The Pay Per Play Program

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