Youth Softball (Ages 3-18)

Comprised of multiple skill based divisions

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Evaluations to ensure even matching

Girl's Softball Team Members

Full team and individual player registration

Fall 2022 Season

Season Dates

Registration Opens: June 1st, 2022

Registration Ends: July 21st, 2022


Player Evaluations: July 23rd, 2022

Practices Begin: August, 1st 2022

Games Begin: August, 15th 2022

Season Ends by: October, 31st 2022

Player/Team Costs

Sign Up As An Individual

      Early-Bird (May 1 - June 30): Starting at $125

      Regular (July 1 - July 21): Starting at $150

Sign Up As a Team

      Team Cost: Starting at $1,080 Per Team

Teams must have at least 10 players, a head coach, assistant coach, and team provided jerseys

Registration costs are 100% REFUNDABLE!

Secure a spot now and if you won’t be able to participate later on, just let us know before the registration deadline and we will refund 100% of your registration costs.

2022 Youth Softball Divisions

Youth divisions are skill and age based.  All players with the exception of our Rookie Divisions will be evaluated and placed in the best division to develop their skills and keep play competitive.  However, parents will still have the final decision of placement.

Ages 3-5

For first time Softball players or players who need more time focusing on the basic skills.  All players will hit off a tee with no score and no outs.

$125 Early Bird

$150 Regular

Rookie Advanced
Ages 4-7

This is a tee-based division where runs are scored and outs are made. The focus of this division is learning base running and fielding choices.  

$160 Early Bird

$185 Regular

Single A
Ages 6-9

This division is a coach pitch division with longer base paths and less restrictions during play for a more competitive environment.  

$185 Early Bird

$210 Regular

Double A
Ages 8-11

This division is the first introduction to a player pitch division.  Base paths are again extended and no additional rules or restrictions.

$200 Early Bird

$225 Regular

Triple A
Ages 10-14

This is our second most competitive Division before Pro.  Base length is again extended.

$215 Early Bird

$240 Regular

Ages 13-18

Pro Division Coming Spring 2023

Registration, Schedules, Coaches and Teams

Types of Players

Free Agent

Individual players who are registering to play on any team.  Free Agents will have the option to request a specific Head Coach that they would like to play for during registration if applicable.

Team Player

A player who already has a team and coach outside of the Team Sports 24/7 league that they play for.  Typically, Team Players don't need uniforms through Team Sports 24/7, they are provided by their existing team.

Player Evaluations

Once registration ends, a player evaluation day will be held for all players, including Free Agents and Team Players.  Free Agents will be split up by age and other criteria to ensure even matching for games. 


Free Agents who requested a specific Head Coach during registration will be assigned to a team after evaluations, however, this placement is not guaranteed depending on the number of players requesting a specific Head Coach.

Game Schedule

Each team will play 2 games per week during the regular season.  One game will be played on a weeknight and one game will be played on Saturday morning/afternoon. Game times will vary based on age group but generally, games will not begin past 7:30pm on any weeknight.


All games are subject to being rescheduled due to inclement weather and may be played on any day of the week when rescheduled.  Schedules will be posted following evaluations.


All of our Coaches are volunteers.  To volunteer as a coach, simply login to your account and select "Register" in the Division which you wish to coach and you will be able to register as a Head Coach or Assistant Coach. 


All coaches must complete all forms and waivers as well as complete and pass a national background check during their registration 

Team Placement

All Free Agents will be placed on a team following player evaluations.  If a Free Agent requests a specific Head Coach during registration, they may be placed on a specific team if the Head Coach requests that player as well and other criteria are met. 


Team Players will register for a specific team as directed by their existing Head Coach and will automatically be allocated to that team.


Practices will be scheduled for 2 weeks prior to the beginning of the first game and Head Coaches will have the option to request their top three choices for practice days and times. 


Practices are subject to being cancelled or rescheduled due to inclement weather.  Once the season begins, practices will end as the focus of this league is gameplay. 

Just as important as becoming great teammates is becoming part of a larger community with similar interest.  We are happy to be a place where players and their families from all different backgrounds can gather together to share a common love of competition.  We actively encourage parents and families to get together with others, even ones from opposing teams, through a variety of events that we sponsor throughout the year.   In addition, we believe that competition and sports help cultivate a competitive spirit and teaches us all how to cherish the victories and also deal with the disappointment of losing.  Learning these things is just as important for player development as anything else.

The game-day experience is what makes it all worth it.  As a player, you want to show up knowing that everything is taken care of and that there are no distractions so you can keep your mind focused on the game.  As a parent, we know you want it to be as simple as possible while also making sure your child enjoys every second of the experience, win or lose.  That is what we strive to do every single game and through proper preparation we can provide the best possible game-day experience for everyone.

We know it is frustrating to have to wait for information and updates from coaches and league administrators, we've experienced the same thing in different organizations for years and we wanted to fix it.  It's actually pretty simple, we plan ahead and over-communicate everything.  Our mobile app has all of your games pre-populated with real time updates in the event of postponements.  Also, coaches can communicate directly with teams and all registered participants and their families are automatically added to the team chat.  Everything is combined in a simple, easy to use app that you can rely on season after season.

Key Differences

If you are new to Team Sports 24/7, you will need to create an account by selecting any "Register Now" or "Login" on our website or simply hit the "Create Account" button here.  Selecting any one of those buttons will take you to our login in page where you can create a new account by selecting the "Create account" button at the bottom of that page.  Once your account is created and you are logged in, you will see all of the Leagues and Divisions and their corresponding information including specific costs for each sport.