Co-Ed Adult Kickball

Game on!

Check back in the late Winter for details on the Spring 2023 Adult Co-Ed Kickball Division.  

Players vs. Individuals

In order to avoid forfeits or missed games, Adult Divisions register "players," not individuals.  What this means is that a team may use any individual to fill a player's spot during the regular season in the event that they are short on players for a given game, as long as the individual completes and signs league waivers prior to gameplay.  In order for an individual to participate in a tournament, they individual must have participated and played in at least 1 full game during the regular season.  Additional "player" spots with jerseys may be purchased at a discounted rate once the minimum player count has been met.

Types of Players and Game Schedule

Types of Players

Free Agent

Individual players who are registering to play on any team.  Free Agents will be automatically assigned to a team with other Free Agents or to an existing team who needs players once registration ends.

Team Player

A player who already has a team that they will be playing for and will invited directly to the team by the Team Captain.

Game Schedule

Each team will play 1 game per week on Sunday.  Games will start as early as 4:00pm and the last game will start as late as 7:00pm.


All games are subject to being rescheduled due to inclement weather and will be rescheduled for the same day of the week later in the season.