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Frequently Asked Questions

How are my registration fees used are why are there price differences in each division?

Registration fees are used to cover a variety of costs including field use, officials, striping/lining the field and insurance costs, game balls and staff just to name a few.  As the age divisions move up, the games are typically longer which requires more field time, more experienced officials and more game balls which also increases the cost of play. 

What is your refund policy?

Registration fees are 100% refundable. Simply request a refund before the registration deadline and your entire registration fee will be refunded.  After the registration deadline, no refunds are available.

How do I register or get more information?

If you are new to Team Sports 24/7, you will need to create an account by selecting any "Register Now" or "Login" button on our website.  Selecting any one of those buttons will take you to our login in page where you can create a new account by selecting the "Create account" button at the bottom of that page.  Once your account is created, you will be able to see all Leagues and Divisions currently available with specific information about each one.​

I don’t have a team, can I still sign up and play?

Absolutely.  Whether you are signing up for Youth or Adult sports, simply register as a Free Agent and you will be placed on a team once registration ends.


When I am registering to play, there are several options, what should I choose?

There are different ways to register depending on what age group and division you are interested in.  Below are explanations for each type of registration:

​For Youth Sports

Free Agent - For individuals who are not already on a team.  Players will have the option to request a preferred Head Coach during registration, however, this request is not guaranteed.  Free Agents will be assigned to a team once league registration ends and the player evaluation day is complete.

Program Staff - A parent who wishes to volunteer as a Head Coach or Assistant Coach.  During Head Coach registration, the coach will have the option to request base players that they wish to add to their team.  

Full Team Registration This is specifically for teams that exist outside of the Team Sports 24/7 league.  Head Coaches will register themselves and their team and will have the option to invite players directly.  Head Coaches will also have the option to pay for the entire team’s registration themselves or split the fee among team members.  Teams should already have a team name, assistant coaches and uniforms. 

For Adult Sports

Free Agent An individual who wants to play but does not have an existing team to join and will placed on a team with other Free Agents once registration ends.

Team Player A Team Player is someone who has a specific team that they intend to register for. Team Captain's must approve every player who registers for a specific team.

Team Captain - A Team Captain may create a team and invite players to their team and has final approval of anyone joining their team.  Team Captain’s will have the option to create a team during the registration process and either pay in full, select a payment plan or assign payments to individual players. It is the team captain’s responsibility to ensure payment is made by the registration deadline.


How many games are played during the season?

The total number of games is different in each Division and is listed in the Division details.  We do our best to make sure we play as many games as possible, however, due to things out of our control such as field closures and scheduling conflicts it is not possible to guarantee any number of games for any Division.  At a minimum, we will do everything possible to play at least 8 regular season games per season.


Do your coaches go through a vetting process?

Yes.  We require that all of our coaches complete a national background check annually.  In addition, all coaches must go through training with Team Sports 24/7 each season.  Team Sports 24/7 has a zero tolerance policy for anything that may be considered aggressive, abusive, derogatory or inappropriate and we will continually monitor coach behavior throughout the season.


Some Youth Divisions have overlapping ages and I am not sure which one to register my child in, what should I do?

We do our best to place all of our youth athletes in the best possible Division for their skill level and to keep gameplay as competitive as possible.  In the event that your child is at an age that overlaps 2 different Divisions, we recommend registering for the lower of the 2 Divisions and after player evaluations occur, they can always be moved up if necessary. 


When will the games be scheduled for?

Game scheduling varies by Sport and by Division.  Typically for Youth Sports, games will not start any later than 7:30pm on a weeknight and 8:00pm on a weekend and each team will play 1 game on a weeknight and 1 game on a Saturday.  On weeknights, games will start as early at 5:30pm.  On Saturday, games will start as early as 9:00am.


What happens if a game is cancelled due to inclement weather or another reason?

In the event that a game cannot be played at its originally time, Team Sports 24/7 will do everything possible to try and reschedule the game for another date.  However, depending on overlapping scheduling, field closures, opposing team availability and other factors it is possible that a game may not be rescheduled, especially later in the season as the county closes some fields after a certain point in the year.


I have more than 1 child, how do I register multiple children?

Once you create an account, you will have the option to add additional children to your account.  Then simply go through the registration process for each child.  Siblings, as long as they are in the same age Division, will not be split up.

Do I need any experience to volunteer as a coach?

Absolutely not.  Any parent can volunteer as a Head Coach or Assistant Coach and no experience is needed.  Coaches will go through a training meeting prior to the beginning of the season where rules, drills and general expectations will be covered.  Please keep in mind that depending on the number of teams and coaches that register, a coaching position is not guaranteed.


I am a certified referee, umpire or official and want to officiate games, what should I do

Simply contact us directly and we will give you all of the information you need to join the us.  

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