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Adult Baseball

MLB based rules, wood bat league

Home Run

7 inning games

Baseball Game

Full team and individual registration

Fall 2024 Season

Our Men's Baseball Division is a wood bat league for ages 16+.  This league typically consists of a wide range of skill levels and ages.  This may include current and ex-college and high school players, retired MLB players, players who haven't played since high school and players in their 30's, 40's and 50's who have been playing men's baseball or slow pitch softball in both recreational and competitive leagues for years.  Games played at Mayor Bob Leonard Park in West Knoxville. All experience levels are welcome!

Season Dates

Registration Opens:  August 1st, 2024

Registration Ends:  August 11th, 2024

Games Begin:  September 6th, 2024

Playing Location & Days

All games will be played at Mayor Bob Leonard Park in Farragut.

For the Fall 2024 Season, games will be played on Monday, Friday and Saturday nights.  Games will NOT be scheduled during UT Football Games (home or away).

Baseball Details
  • 8 game regular season

  • Post-season tournament

  • Individual jersey with player requested #

  • Game balls provided

  • Wood bats only

  • Sign up as a "Free Agent," create a "Small Group" or bring a whole team

  • 7 inning games

  • Games days and times will vary based on field availability

Players vs. Individuals

In order to avoid forfeits or missed games, Adult Divisions register "players," not individuals.  What this means is that a team may use any individual to fill a player's spot during the regular season in the event that they are short on players for a given game, as long as the individual completes and signs league waivers prior to gameplay and there are no registration fees for this player.  

Registration costs are 100% REFUNDABLE!

Secure a spot now and if you won’t be able to participate later on, just let us know before the registration deadline and we will refund 100% of your registration costs.

Registration and Schedules

Game Schedule

Each team will play 1-3 games per week and the game days and times will vary based on field availability.

Make-up games will be scheduled during any available field times.

Types of Players

Free Agent

Individual players who are registering to play on any team.  Free Agents will have the option to list preferred positions when registering and will be placed on a team with other Free Agents.

Small Groups

If you have some friends that you want to play with but don't have a full team, sign up as a "small group" to ensure you play together.

Team Captain

Register as a team captain where you will have the option to invite specific players to your team.


Fill-In Player

This is for players who can only make a game or two but want to get some baseball in.  These players register separately at a discounted rate and are guaranteed at least 1 game during the regular season.

Game Rules

Game rules will be loosely based on MLB game rules.  The only bats that are allowed are are drop 3 wood bats with a maximum length of 35 inches.  

For more details on other rules and regulations, check out our rules page here.

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