Youth Softball (Ages 3-18)

Comprised of multiple skill based divisions

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Evaluations to ensure even matching

Girl's Softball Team Members

Full team and individual player registration

Youth Softball - Spring 2023

Softball Registration will be open in February of 2023.  

Playing Locations

Playing Locations will be determined by February of 2023.

Season Dates

Registration Opens:  February 2023

Player Evaluations:   March 2023

Practice Begins:        March 2023

Games Begin:            April 2023

2023 Youth Softball Divisions

Youth divisions are skill and age based.  All players with the exception of our Rookie Division will be evaluated and placed in the best division to develop their skills and keep play competitive.  However, parents will still have the final decision of placement.

Ages 3-5

For first time softball players or players who need more time focusing on the basic skills.  All players will hit off a tee with no score and no outs.

Rookie Advanced
Ages 4-7

This is a tee-based division where runs are scored and outs are made. The focus of this division is learning base running and fielding choices.  

Single A
Ages 6-9

This division is a coach pitch division with longer base paths and less restrictions during play for a more competitive environment.  

Double A
Ages 8-11

This division is the first introduction to a player pitch division.  Base paths are again extended and no additional rules or restrictions.

Triple A
Ages 10-14

This is our second most competitive Division before Pro.

Ages 13-18