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Adult Baseball - The Show Rules

MLB based rules will be used with the exception of any changes below.



  • There total number of players on a roster must be at least 12 and there is no maximum.

  • Rosters should be completed prior to game time and a copy should be made for the opposing team head coach.


  • Each player will need a wood bat, helmet and glove.

  • Bat requirements and restrictions

    • This is a wood bat league with a maximum bat specifications of drop 3.

  • Helmet requirements and restrictions

    • Helmets must be approved for play in baseball – bicycle helmets or other helmets may not be used.

  • Umpires and league officials have the right to ban any bat for any reason.

General Game Play​

  • Games will start as promptly as possible at the discretion of the umpire. 

  • Teams may start with as few as 7 players. 

  • Any other player from the league may fill in for any team during the course of the regular season.  

  • In the event of inclement weather, 4 full innings will be considered a complete game.

  • Games may end in a tie in the regular season.


  • Batting orders will be set prior to game play and will be established by each head coach or team captain. 

  • Coaches should provide batting lineups to opposing head coach prior to the start of the game.  Lineups should include the first and last name of every player.

  • A designated hitter is allowed for the pitcher only and must be included in the lineup notated as a DH.

  • Stalling for time advantage is not allowed.

  • During the regular season, a team may choose to bat all players who are present above the normal 9 batters.  Teams should notate this in their lineup and make sure that the opposing team is aware if using more than 9 batters.  During the post season, only 9 batters may be used.


Base Running

  • Pinch runners are allowed for active pitchers and catchers to speed up gameplay.  If pinch runners are used, it must be the last player to be out.  

  • Players must attempt to avoid contact with the fielding team.  Any flagrant contact will result in an ejection.


  • There is a maximum of 9 players allowed in the field at any given time.  This includes 4 infielders, 1 pitcher, 3 outfielders and a catcher. 

  • Defensive shifts are allowed.

  • All players may enter and re-enter the game at any point, there are free substitutions including shared roster spots (one player may play in the field and another player may bat for that player and is not required to play in the field)

  • Infield fly rule will be at umpires discretion.

  • Stalling for time advantage is not allowed.


  • For everyone's safety, in the event that a pitcher hits 3 batters in one inning or 4 batters during the game, that pitcher must be removed from the game and may not re-enter that game.  

Game Length

  • Each game will consist of 7 innings or with a time limit of 105 minutes, whichever comes first.  Any inning that is being played must be finished, regardless of whether or not time has expired, as long as the home team is not leading and more than 10 minutes of play remains.

  • If the home team is leading at the bottom of the 7th inning or in the last inning as time has allowed, the game will be over.

  • New innings may not be started after time has expired.

  • In the event that the away team is at bat with 10 minutes or less remaining in game time and the home team makes 3 outs, the game will be over.  


Mercy Rules

  • The mercy rule shall be as follows:​

    • 12 runs after4 complete innings or 8 runs after 5 complete innings.

Playoff Regulations

  • All players must wear matching jerseys provided by the league during play, no exceptions.

  • In order to be eligible for playoffs, every player must have participated in at least 1 full game during the regular season AND completed all waivers prior to the end of the regular season. 

  • All playoff games, with the exception of the championship game, will have the same time restrictions.

  • The championship game will be a 7 inning game with no time restrictions.

  • Teams may start a game with as few as 7 players.   

  • In the event of a tie at the end of the time or at the end of the last inning, the last batter from the prior inning will be placed on second base to start the inning.

  • There is no mercy rule for playoff games. 

  • Designated hitters and pinch runners will follow the same rules as the regular season.

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