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Youth Baseball - Rookie Rules


  • There is no roster minimum and both male and females may participate.



  • Each player will need a bat, helmet and glove.

  • Bat requirements and restrictions

    • The largest barrel allowed in this division is 2 and ¼ inches.  For the safety of all players, coaches from both sides should ensure proper bats are used. 

  • Helmet requirements and restrictions

    • Helmets are not required to have a face mask, but a face mask attached to the helmet is recommended.

    • Helmets must be approved for play in baseball or softball – bicycle helmets or other helmets may not be used.

  • Baseballs for both practice and games should be only the soft core, compression baseballs used for Tee Ball.  No real baseballs will be allowed.


General Game Play

  • No outs will be recorded even if an out is made by the fielding team.

  • No score will be kept.

  • Each game will consist of 3 full innings and each player will play in the field three times and bat three times. 

  • No umpires are used for this division as this is an instructional division with no outs or runs scored. 

  • There is no player minimum or maximum to start or finish the game. 

  • 4 coaches are allowed on the field at any given time to give instructions, however, coaches should not interfere with a player or the ball until the play is dead.



  • Batting orders will be set prior to game play.  For simplicity, it is encouraged the players bat numerically based on their jersey number, however, batting order will ultimately be determined by the coach.

  • Batting orders should be reversed in the second inning giving a kids who batted last a chance to bat first in the second inning.

  • All batters will hit off a tee provided by the league.

  • There are no strikes or outs.  A player may take as many swing as necessary to hit the ball off the tee and the ball will be considered in play when the ball stays in fair territory and passes the line in front of the plate on the field.  If a player is unable to reach the line with a hit ball, it will be at the batting coach’s discretion if a ball hit that doesn’t pass the line is fair. 

  • When batting, teams will bat through the entire order in a half inning regardless of how many “outs” are made.

  • Players should not throw bats after a hit is made.  It is important at a young age that the players learn this for the safety of all involved.  Please encourage players to place bats down after hitting.



Base Running

  • After hitting the ball, the player should put the bat down, not throw it, and run to first base. 

  • Base runners will remain on the base and may not lead off before the ball is hit.

  • Base runners should only advance 1 base each time a ball is hit and no more. 

  • When the last batter in the order is up during a half inning, all of the runners at that point may run all the way to home plate.



  • When playing in the field, players should be rotated from infield to outfield between innings so that every player has a chance to play different positions.

  • When placing players in the outfield, they should be placed just on the edge of the dirt and grass or possibly closer depending on the size of the infield.  Placement will ultimately be at the coach’s discretion, however, there should be a distinct difference between placement of infielders and outfielders.

  • When placing infielders, generally players should be placed in normal infield positions including 1st, 2nd, short stop, 3rd and pitcher, however, 2 pitchers will be placed in the infield in this division.  1st, 2nd, 3rd and short stop positions should be placed in front of or behind the base path to avoid contact with the runner.  That being said, it is sometimes difficult to get this age group to stay in the same spots in the field so specific positions are not required.

  • Fielders should be encourage to make plays in the infield including tagging runners, throwing the ball and tagging bases, however, no outs will be recorded and all base runners will remain on base.



  • This division requires all pitchers to wear either a fielding mask or a batting helmet with a face mask when playing the pitcher position.

  • There should be 2 players placed in the pitching position when fielding.  One pitcher should be placed on the left side of the field and the other on the right side of the field just beyond the line drawn in the infield.

  • Coaches should rotate players in the pitching positions each inning and every game to give every player a chance to play this position.


Game Length

  • Games will be 2 full innings long, regardless of timing, and each team will bat through the entire lineup twice, once in the first inning and once in the second inning.

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